Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Visit to Daddy's Office

Today Owen and I went on a special outing. We got to take the big choo choo (tube) down to visit Drew's new office and go out to lunch. Owen loves to ride the tube around London and he is always such a good boy when we take him. We got to Drew's office and then Owen had to sit in the lobby and wait for Daddy to come get us. He saw the TV with CNN on and wanted to know if they could change it to "Gabba."

Then Owen got to see Daddy's office and sit in his chair.  He even took a couple of calls.

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Then Owen found the "doors"...one of his favorite items.  Owen can play with doors for hours!

Owen went out into the cubicles to meet some of Drew's co-workers and found some more doors!

Then he found the doors to the bathroom.

Then we took Daddy out to lunch at a nearby pub.

Owen drank from a big boy cup with a straw and just had french fries, "chips" for lunch.

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