Friday, 11 November 2011

Visit to Father Christmas at Harrods

Today we went to visit Father Christmas at Harrods Department Store.  Yes, I am aware it is only November 11th!  Apparently I missed the boat and did not realize you needed to sign up for your ticket to Harrods Christmas Grotto in August...whoops.  So our kids got to see Santa a bit early...before Thanksgiving!  It was still just as magical and fun.  Lucy was a bit scared of Santa and cried when she sat on his lap.  Owen, on the other hand, couldn't get enough of Santa and sat on his lap, chatted with him and continued to say "cheese" at the camera long after they stopped snapping shots.

Owen loved the chocolate gold coins that Santa gave him.

We bought some Harrods overpriced christmas balls for our tree. Owen wanted to carry his around and Mrs. Claus wanted to take a picture with him but he wasn't as interested in her. 

Then we went to the pet department and Owen had a good time playing around the tree.  It is amazing, right after halloween the Brits get out all of the Christmas decorations.

Owen liked sitting on the packages.

Here is the resulting santa picture of 2011! This one's a keeper. (please excuse the is a scanned image)

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