Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

We hosted the playgroup this Wednesday as Lucy's birthday party. Since we don't have family over here for her birthday, the new friends we have made have become like family! I commissioned Lauren, our nanny, to bake Lucy's birthday cake and cupcakes for the kids. She has become an amazing baker and cake decorator. I was truly impressed at her skill and the time and love that also went into it! Lauren is Lucy's favorite right now...she crawls to Lauren's feet and wants her to pick her up all the time :)

We had 10 kids here, 5 Owen's age and 5 Lucy's age. It was chaos and so much fun! Here are some pictures from the party.

Lucy's amazing cake!  I hate to cut it!

The birthday girl and her favorite, Lauren!

Owen was so excited to see all the kids that he ran around like a madman and got all sweaty...the only kid dripping in sweat at the party.

 The kids really enjoyed coloring on the table.

The birthday girl and her crown!

 Lucy and Trilby.

Lucy, Brooks and Madelyn.

 I guess the party got too much for Lucy, she crawled off into the corner and read some books.

Then we got out the balloons...they were a hit..especially with Owen.

The was a good party...but what a mess!

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