Sunday, 4 December 2011

Through a B&W Lens and a new Logo!

I was taking some pictures last night of the kids at that dinnertime hour where things get a little crazy. I just wanted to just play a little with my camera since I haven't had it out in a couple of days. I am also in a B&W phase and I want to turn every picture into a B&W image.  I have always loved B&W photographs, they are classic, timeless and evoke a certain emotion that only a B&W can without the distraction of color. So here are some mealtime afternoon photos through my B&W lens.

Also, what do you think of my new logo!!!  Love Etsy!  There are some very talented and creative people out there!  This logos is courtesy of Autumn's Creek and I love it!

This is basically what 5:00 PM looks like in our house, mealtime.

Owen's new thing is spitting his water back on his clothes.

Lucy's mad because I won't let her open any more drawers in the kitchen.

So she decides to rip off every bib I have hanging up to dry.

It is chaos but these two are certainly worth it!

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