Sunday, 25 December 2011

Christmas Day 2011

We woke up Christmas morning with Lucy a about 6:45 AM and Owen got up shortly after. Just in time for me to capture his reaction! Lucy had much more interest in the presents and Owen didn't care much about the presents until they were open!

Owen loved all the toys he got with "doors."

Papa made us breakfast!

Owen and Lucy both opened their handknit gifts from Nana. They both got beautiful sweaters and hats to match.

Lucy liked her hand puppets, cow and duck....but she likes ducky the most.

Owen needed a break from the festivities so he took a rest.

More toys with "doors."

Lucy got her giggle pet and a tea set. She is still not too sure about the giggle pet.

Owen loved the big red bus from Harrods that Nana and Papa got him and Lucy. Right now he says to Lucy, "share" when what he really means is please leave me alone to play with this toy.

Owen got some big boy undies!
 They look great!

Lucy got her first dollhouse, which was Owen's favorite present.

Dada and Papa putting together Owen's car ramp.

Lucy eating her shoes.

Our favorite cake maker, Lauren, made us another one of her amazing creations....and it always tastes better than it looks :)

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