Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Move

Four months into our stay here I finally had a chance to sit down and start writing this blog to update friends and family on our adventures in London. So here is what we have been up to since we touched down in the UK on April 11th.

We survived the move and it went rather well considering our "challenges", otherwise known as Lucy (5 months) and Owen (22 months). Here were some observations, lessons, tips, etc. from our move.

1)  I would not recommend ever taking a 7-8 hour flight with children under two years of age unless you absolutely have to, especially multiple children.

2)  Business class is for people who are traveling for business....they do not want to listen to 3 hours of "Yo Gabba Gabba"...but considering the alternative this was their best option.

3)  In the same category as number 2, the executive club lounge is not for babies. Our entourage got several strange looks from passengers, especially when Lucy decided to vomit on the floor. Thank you British Airways staff for being very kind, and I very much enjoyed the free cocktails.

4)  If you can get your kids to look and act miserable enough a nice man in customs will let you cut in front of everyone in the long line :)

5)  Tip: bring your mother with you! 3 adults to 2 children are very good odds. We never could've done it without you CiCi!

6)  Babies who used to sleep through the night stop doing so when they have "jet lag".

7)  Elevators, "lifts," in London (or anywhere else in Europe) are not even an average size. Therefore the purchase of stroller number 6 was made....I could write an entire blog about strollers. (This deserves it's own post...stay tuned)

8)  Plan to invest an entire week on reading manuals to figure out how to use your appliances. 

9)  Laundry will take you forever!! We even have two separate appliances for washing and drying...a real luxury here! I now do laundry every day. I am not exaggerating, if I let it go longer than a day I will have at least four loads to do, which will take another two days, which I will accumulate another two loads!! It never stops! Needless to say, we have started wearing dirty clothes.

10)  No AC. It has only been an issue on a handful of days/nights and we are almost through August. We may make it through the year without buying any fans. They really don't need AC here, it is August and I am wearing jeans and sweaters most days. It reaches 70 degrees, but it is a chilly and damp 70.

11)  On a positive note, the kids and I are outside every day at playgrounds and parks. We have never had so much fresh air and exercise. Pushing a stroller around all morning with a 20 pounder and a 30 pounder really helps you shed the baby weight! I miss my car but I love all the fresh air and exercise. I am sure this will change as the weather changes into the winter, but we are loving the summer here!

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