Saturday, 27 August 2011

August 2011

(Owen 2 Years - Lucy 9 Months)

We made it back to London safe and sound!  Owen and Lucy both had their best plane ride yet and adjusted to the time zone great!  They each slept for 3.5 of the 6.5 hour flight and were pretty well behaved while they were awake.  Maybe they are getting used to this flying thing :)

This month is pretty quiet as it seems everyone else in London is on holiday...along with the rest of Europe. We have been visiting our favorite parks, playgrounds and the zoo...just trying to soak up these last couple weeks of summer weather.  Owen starts school in about a week and we are very excited to see how he likes it.

Of course August was filled with some photographing!

As Lucy's hair grows longer it seems to be getting curlier!  I love it!

In August Lucy started really moving around and now she is pulling up on everything.  We are going to have a walker on our hands very soon!

I had to take a chance to photograph two of Owen's favorite pals, Lion and Pillow Pal.  As you can see they are very well loved :)

Caught in the act!

August included a trip to the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park.  We knew Owen would love playing in the water...and all of the tourists there loved watching Owen!

 This is when we tried to leave.

Owen, Lucy and I took a trip to Hampstead for some shopping on High Street and some pictures.

Then on the walk home we had to stop at Owen's FAVORITE place in all of London...the fountain! He could spend hours here and already has.

Another photo shoot with Lucy in Primrose Park!  She is such a great subject at this age.
 Piggy Toes :)

 So BIG!

Then I took my two favorite subjects for a mini photo shoot.  Love their matching outfits from Butterfly Baby Place on Etsy.

My subjects don't always cooperate!

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