Thursday, 25 August 2011

July 4th Weekend 2011

(Owen 2 Years - Lucy 8 Months)

July was a big month so we have broken it down into a couple of posts! We headed back to the states on June 29th and spent the month of July traveling and visiting family and friends. The 8 hour flight to Philadelphia was horrible. Neither child wanted to sleep and they stayed awake for 6 of the 8 hours. Lucy was now 8 months old and not easily lulled to sleep when there was so much to look at. Our wonderful DVD player only has a 3 hour battery life, so you can imagine what the rest of the flight was like. On the bright side, it only took Lucy 5 days to adjust to her jetlag and Owen didn't miss a beat. Owen was also very excited to come home and see his house and our black lab Larry. We miss you so much Larry!

We stayed in our house in Collegeville, PA for most of the vacation with my sister, Darby and soon to be brother in-law Pat, since they were nice enough to live there and dog-sit. I think they might have been happy to see us go at the end of the trip!

Fourth of July was spent at Drew's parents lake house on Tully Lake, NY. Uncle Greg and Aunt Krista were there as well and we had a great holiday.

Lucy and Nana relaxing at the lake.

Owen's trip to get ice cream...of which he refused to eat.  Someday he will like ice cream.

Owen and Dada on a boat ride.

 The Brunskills came down for a 4th of July picnic and here was everyone relaxing by the lake.

Then the boat ride ended with a phone call to Uncle Greg to tow them Adam Jean supervised form the dock.

 Owen loved swimming at the main dock this year.

PaPa and Uncle Pauly watched from the shore.

We also got to meet Brad and Jess's new little baby Mae and see the other Syracuse kiddos too!

July 4th weekend also included a trip to CiCi and Pappy's IVCC pool

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