Thursday, 25 August 2011

July 2011 Visit with Princeton Pals

Some of my Princeton pals even got to come visit while we were home. Carrie and Kellen and Hilary and Jack stopped by to see Owen and Lucy and have a nice lunch. As you can imagine, a lunch with 4 children 2 and under was not the most relaxing. It basically consisted of the adults eating whatever they could while standing and just throwing food at the kids to see what they felt like eating that day. It was great to see them and meet Jack for the first time!

Carrie & that cutie Kellen!

Hilary and Lucy and baby Jack!

Owen discovered his new favorite seat in the even has a "light" of his favorite words. Sorry Darby and Pat....the electric bill might be a little higher this month!

 Lucy and Owen took their first bath together in our house in PA.

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