Thursday, 25 August 2011

May 2011

(Owen 2 Years - Lucy 6 Months)

We spent most of May settling into our new home and exploring the city of London. There was also a very special birthday, Owen turned two! So without friends or family to celebrate we decided to take Owen on an adventure. We thought he would really enjoy riding the London Eye, the big ferris wheel! This trip also included our first family tube ride.

After a major meltdown in the line we finally boarded the Eye. Then Owen proceeded to step on just about everyone in our car while doing laps and was not happy about wearing his birthday hat. Lucy was a good sport and wore one of the hats for me.

We got home and celebrated with a cake and he even tried to blow out his candles. Two of Owen's most favorite gifts were the balloons and the tricycle!  We are still working on teaching him to ride it himself.

Other May outings included the following:

Mother's Day Brunch at Harry Morgan's (one of our favorite breakfast places!)

London Aquarium

Princess Diana Memorial Playground....and countless trips to our other favorite playgrounds!

We discovered one of our favorite parks in all of London! Primrose Park is about 5 minutes from our place and has an amazing view of the city and some great spots for photographing the kids.

In May we introduced Owen to PlayDough and he really liked it.  I was surprised that he sat and played with it for more than 10 minutes!  We will have to save this one for a rainy day....we might have a few.

Lucy is playing too! 

He is also enjoying the two recordable storybooks that both of his grandparents sent him for his birthday.  

Owen's potty is ready to go....whenever he is!

Finally, I had to attach some pictures of our little Lucy at 6 months old.

 Sometimes it gets cold in London, even in May!

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