Thursday, 15 March 2012

Project 365 - DAY 75

March 15, 2012
It has been a year and we have made London our home. I thought it would be nice to finally put up a "flat" or apartment tour so we can remember our London home and someday show the kids. As you can see, we didn't do much in terms of decorating...and Owen's room looks particularly bare. When you are only living somewhere for a year it is hard to put the effort and money into hanging art....but it was home  and we loved it :)

Entry into living area and these double doors! They came with a key and it was a permanent baby gate to close the living area off from the sleeping area!
Kitchen and living area.

Master Suite....see the hidden closet door into the master bath.

Master Bath

Lucy's room/guest room.

 someone snuck into this pic....

Hall bath

Owen's room
There was an additional bathroom off of Lucy's room...but we kept that door locked due to the fact that Owen liked to play in the shower and we never used it anyway :)

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