Sunday, 11 March 2012

Project 365 - DAY 71

March 11, 2012
Today I took a well deserved trip by myself to the Cotswolds. I had been wanting to see this area since we came to London but never got the chance. My wonderful husband volunteered to take kid duty all day so that I could get the chance to photograph this enchanting place. A friend of mine even loaned me her wide angle lens for the trip so I could better capture the expansive landscape. It was such a treat to head out into the English countryside with the sun shining and the temperature reaching above 60 degrees! It was an amazing day as we visited four of the Cotswolds villages in this order, Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, Stow-on-the-Wold, and Broadway. It truly is an amazing place and the photos did not really capture all of the beauty and tranquility.

Bibury - this was the first village we stopped at with one of the oldest and most photographed row of Cotswold villages called Arlington Row.


Burton-on-the-Water - We had about two hours to explore this village and eat lunch. There were some great shopping opportunities and I stopped along the river to have a nice long relaxed lunch outside. The stream stream runs directly through the heart of the village and there are many bridges crossing over the only foot deep water.

I loved this sign...good thing people know where to buy their film for their they even sell those anymore??

I stopped for lunch along the river at The Croft restaurant. It was recommended to me by one of the shopkeepers and it did not disappoint. There was my table right up front :)

First Course - tomato basil soup and a cabernet!
Main Course - Steak and mushroom pie with chips. (I must admit this is the first time I attempted an English pie since we have moved to London. It was better than expected!)

Stow-on-the-Wold - When we got to this village I tried to walk away from the tourist area into the rolling hills and onto the side streets where the residential cottages were.

Broadway - This last village might have been my favorite. The little cottages lined a main street with farms and little alleyways each way you turned.

I also couldn't resist the ice cream stands everywhere...once the weather warms up everyone is the market for an ice cream.
 ...and it was delicious!

Me waiting for the bus to pick us up and take us home to London, only about a 2 hour drive. This trip was one of the favorite things I have done in England, it is not to be missed!

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