Monday, 5 March 2012

English Ramblings

As Owen begins to talk more and more he begins to utter more British words and phrases which make me laugh. I also never thought my 2 year old would have the word "taxi" in his vocabulary....but Owen's got that one down...ahh city living.

Some British phrases or words that Owen has been using.

Nappy = Diaper
The other day he told me "nappy change" and went down the hall to have his diaper changed.

Cheeky = Smart / Sassy
He told me yesterday that "Lucy cheeky." I think he gets this one from Lauren, she calls Lucy a "cheeky girl" all the time.

Ready, Steady, Go = Ready, Set, Go
He uses this british phrase all the time and now Lucy is adding the "GOOOO" on the end as well :)

Biscuit = Cookie
He often asks for a "I want biscuit please." This comes mainly from his speech therapy class where they have been working on naming foods and asking for them. We are going to have to reprogram some of the food names when we get home.

Crisps = Chips
"Same as Biscuit description above"

Football = Soccer
This is Drew's least favorite.  He is quite upset that Owen calls soccer football and is very focused on correcting this once we land in the USA.

So Owen has developed some British speak he has yet to develop a full accent. As Drew would say, we are going home just in time!

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