Sunday, 18 March 2012


Since we are living in city with a plethora of amazing restaurants Drew and I have decided to try and go out to dinner alone (no kids) at least once every weekend.  We alternate weekends and each of us chooses the restaurant every other week.  We have been to some great places so far.  Just to mention a few if you are ever traveling to London.

Lemonia (Greek in Primrose Hill, good food, always crowded)
Racine (great french restaurant...fabulous oysters! located in Knightsbridge near Harrods)
The Natural Kitchen (great for breakfast!, all organic very good)
The Engineer (excellent food in great Primrose Hill area!, highly recommend)
Galvin Bistrot de Luxe (great french food, wonderful escargot)
The Wells (great pub, good food nice atmosphere)
The Greenhouse Restaurant ($$$$$$$$$$$....enough said)
JW Steakhouse (our favorite steakhouse thus far....I am sure we will be to more before the year is up)
York and Albany (Gordon Ramsay restaurant)
The Old White Bear (good food, cool area in hampstead)
The Duke of York Pub (one of our favorite local pubs!)
Bentley's (Great seafood)
The Salt House (great food, great atmosphere...right on Abbey Road)
Black and Blue (not recommended)

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