Sunday, 19 February 2012

Project 365 - DAY 50

February 19, 2012
This morning Owen and I went out for breakfast and did some scootering. He has really been developing his scooter skills lately and almost scootered the entire way down to breakfast and the entire way home. He now needs to wear his helmet when he is on his scooter....I bet no one will have a helmet like this one in the states :)

Breakfast at Harry Morgans with Mama! Owen loves this restaurant because they have huge mirrored walls...and he will sit through an entire meal if he can look at himself.

His other favorite thing about this restaurant is the fresh squeezed orange juice they give him in a cup with a straw. He loves drinking through a straw.

He almost made it all the way home.....until scooter hitched a ride on the back of the stroller.

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