Sunday, 16 October 2011

Rome - Day 2

Today we scheduled a photo tour with Rome Photo Tours, a small group tour with a photographer to take us around the city and teach me some further photography techniques. She was also a knowledgeable guide and we also got a fabulous restaurant recommendation for that evening. €4 for a jug of red wine!  The best part about Italy is the house wine is fabulous!

First we worked on different aperture settings as in the pinocchios below, how to create that blurry effect. Those pinocchios are the Italian "mascot" so we got one for our international christmas tree this year. We also just found some great streets to photograph with great texture....they always look great in black & white.

The love locks are placed around Rome and other cities as a symbol of everlasting love.

 The photographer also took us to some great food markets around Rome.

 ....and some amazing churches.

...and she even treated us to a cafe at one of the best spots in Rome!

 Drew treated himself to some of the free samples of flavored liquor.

Then lunch....risotto!

Then snack and wine!

 ...and a walk by the Trevi fountain at night.

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