Friday, 6 April 2012

Project 365 - DAY 97

April 6, 2012
Today was an easter hunt extravaganza. First CiCi and Pappy came over and we all went to the Trappe Community Easter Egg Hunt. There were a ton of kids and over 7,000 eggs! I took Owen to the 2-3 year old group and CiCi took Lucy to the 0-1 group. Owen was not that interested in the eggs but liked playing on the playground afterward. Lucy loved the egg hunt and was trying to grab as many as possible in her hands and even stealing from the little babies! She was an egg hunting animal!

 Lucy counting her loot!

After the kids came home and took a nap our neighborhood had a small "happy hour" egg hunt for the little kids. We had to wake Owen up from his nap to go and all he said was "no more eggs!" again he spent most of the afternoon playing on the playset...until he figured out that these eggs had m&m's!!  Then he shoved as many as he could in his mouth...and then had a cupcake! All of the older girls in the neighborhood loved playing with Lucy and occupied her for over an hour! Talk about free babysitting!

 Best Buds!

Owen's long lost girlfriend....Peyton!

Leaf is Good!

Owen with a mouthful of m&m's.

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