Sunday, 22 January 2012

A letter in the post

My 85 year old grandmother does not have email and still enjoys sending me actual mail through the post. It is nice to still receive mail this hard copy. Usually enclosed is a handwritten note and several articles she thought I would like to read and one is usually a recipe, she is an excellent cook! I received one of these such letters the other day...she must still care because she spares the extra expense to send these letters to London right now! (I just wish she could send me some of her homemade soups that she delivers regularly to me when we lived in the states. Looking forward to some good homcooked soup when we return.)

Enclosed in the letter was a nice note recalling what has been happening with her lately. Next was an article from Good Housekeeping and a recipe for a chicken casserole. I put it aside and just got around to reading the article today. The article was entitled, "Write a Love your life.  Why a one-sentence journal can keep you happy." As I began to read the article I realized that my grandmother must have been reading my blog and heard about my 365 Project. Why else would she send me this article. It made me feel good, that she hears what I am doing, can't see it for herself because she doesn't own a computer, and thought of me when she read this.

My favorite quote from the article was more about goal setting and resolutions. One of mine this year was to take a photograph a day for 365 days. To document the everyday...those moments that are fleeting and oh so precious and as the kids grow seem to fly by in the blink of an eye. The quote is as follows, "I've discovered that - perhaps counterintuitively - it is often easier to do something every day than to do it only some days. Weirdly, it's easier to go for a walk every day than to go only four times a week; it's easier to write in a journal every day than just once in a while. When you do something every day, there's no debate, no procrastination, no wondering. Today or tomorrow? The action quickly becomes part of your ordinary routine, a matter of habit." This is so true, as I embarked on this project I was worried I was piling something else on my plate to do each day, but as it turns is just part of my normal routine and I LOVE IT.

So Thank you Mungie for this article. It shows me you are still thinking of us over here and interested in what we are doing....and thanks for putting that extra stamp on the envelope :)

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