Tuesday, 13 September 2011


As we raise our second child and our first child gets a bit older we realize there were a few minor "mistakes" we made with the first that we are trying to correct with the second. For some reason these revolved mainly around eating habits.

1) Owen will not take bites of food. This is largely because we cut everything up into tiny bite sized pieces for him since he was able to feed himself for fear he would choke on anything and everything.

2) Owen also does not prefer to use utensils. This is largely because we didn't allow him to use them early on for my own personal reasons, frankly I didn't want to clean up the mess which went along with the "learning" process.

So with Lucy we are trying to correct a few things....

I decided to give her an entire half of a bagel....and look at that...she takes bites of it.  Then we gave her a spoon...watch out!

And just another cutie pie picture of her little naked rump....I couldn't resist!

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