Friday, 23 September 2011

In the Night Garden Live!

I decided to take Owen to see his first live show. He has been watching this British TV show called "In the Night Garden," which is just as creepy as can be....but he loves it! We left Lucy with the nanny and took off on our adventure.  Lucy and I have been getting a lot of one-on-one time together while Owen has been in school so Owen was due for some. We rode the big red "BUS" to the show.

Disclaimer:  All of these photos were taken with my blackberry phone so the quality wasn't the best.  We weren't allowed to bring cameras into the theatre.

Owen when he saw the red bus arrive!

Sitting on the big red bus.

His snack before the show.

Owen hugging Igglepiggle at the mall before the show.

Owen and Igglepiggle!

The light wand I had to buy or the entire hour would've been miserable.  They really stick it to the parents....once one kid had one....everyone in the place had to have one.

Igglepiggle Live and in person!

Owen did really well and sat on my lap mesmerised for the entire 50 minute show!  We had a great day out.

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